27 Oct 2010

Grapes picking-up party

It was in Lekso's uncle house, in the new part of Rustavi. Some of us already had experience, in their own country or here, about picking up grapes. It's quite easy actually, because except for the leaves, you don't have to sort out anything, just being careful about the bees (or Cristi being scared of the bees :-D ).
We were a lot, and everybody worked, so it was done quite fast (2-3 hours).

We had a bit of trouble to find cisors and knifes so that everybody could work at the same (but eventually we had) and also to find laders and chairs in order for the smallest of us to actually reach the grapes!
When the grapes are all mashed up (thanks to the super machine!), they hang in there (or rather bathe) for 10 days. Until then they are still in the state of grape juice : it's called "Tsveni".
After those 10 days of rest, the juice is put into those huge bottles, for some more rest : so that pips, insects and everything that isn't drinkable goes to the bottom of the bottles. No filter used, it's natural filtration. Several bottles are used, and from the red color of the grapes we end up with a yellow colored wine.
Don't be afraid, the wine we drink is actually really clean (and really good, isn't it so Lekso?).
After the great work was finished, the sun came in just in time for "Supra" and Mtsvadi (barbecue). 
Lekso's uncle was the "tamada" (toast master), and I don't think anybody remembers how many glasses of wine we had. It was really nice to seat all together, to share the great foods (potatoes bread, cheese, mtsvadi, chicken, katchapouri, apple cake,...) alongside with some live music (acoustic guitar by Lekso's uncle and Joe, and also a bit of piano!). We heard many different stories about random topics, but always interesting, we had international conversations with a bit of every language, and for sure this wasn't the last supra we had!


Written by Liene
Pictures by Daga&Tom

25 Oct 2010

We were in On-Arrival

From 18th to 21st of October, the new EVS volunteers (Cristina, Ewa, Tom, Daga, Joe and Marie) left Rustavi for the well-known Bakuriani Ski resort to absolve their on-arrival training. Lekso and Liene provided them during these days useful information about Georgian culture, about the country, project writing, conflict solving and other topics which are experienced by most volunteers. Mostly the topic was interrupted by little games and activities like horse riding. During the evenings, Georgian movies were shown. The training took place in a small Hotel with friendly rooms and delicious Georgian food. On the way back, a visit of Borjomi and Gori sealed the training.

Written by Joe
Pictures by Daga&Tom

20 Oct 2010

Happy Birthday Rustavi!

On the 9th of October all Rustavi city turned into an amazing journey around all country. Full with songs and dance, foods and beer festival, traditional fights and sport activities.
We - "Georgian Youth For Europe" EVS volunteers made this interesting event even more colourful - everyone was welcome to leave his greeting to Rustavi with drawing his hand on a sheet, kids coloured the street with cheerful hearts, flowers and butterflies but guys were coping with each other in rope pulling competition. Check it by yourselfe:
Movie made by Villi

To see the the pictures from this sunny event Just click here!

Written by Zane