15 Nov 2011

Agnieszka and Adam

The 2nd of October, we met in our flat two new polish EVS, Agnieszka and Adam.

Agnieszka come from Warsow. She was born the 16 of December 1987. She  graduated  with history of art. Now she studie polish cultura and journalism. With this, she hope to become a journalist, reporter journalist. She likes to travel. Her motto is : “Treat people in the way you want to be treated by people”. She wanted to come in a Caucasus country. She chose Georgia because there are a lot of books about Georgia in Poland and she rode it’s an interesting  country. It’s her first time in Georgia and she doesn’t speak georgian yet. Her message for you is “Facebook destroy the world”.

Adam is from Poland too. He was born in June 1985. He studied  Ukrainian Philology. He likes a lot East part of Europe, people in general. He has a good feeling with Georgia and georgian, that’s why he chose this country for his EVS. He doesn’t speak georgian yet and it’s his first time in Georgia. He likes travel (hitchhiking), music (guitar and “drumla”). He become sick if he doesn’t travel for a long time. He hates watch TV. His motto is : “ Live and let other people live”. And finally his special message for you : “Spread the love”.

They are in Rustavi, in Georgian Youth for Europe for six months.

Yoann, your apprentice journalist.