7 Jan 2012

Let’s follow an empty houses…

One of the biggest New Year resolutions for us was to travel more during our stay in Georgia (we must admit that winter time makes as a little bit lazy ;). Our first travel destination was Telavi in the east part of Georgia. Kriska and Sophie (2 new EVS in Rustavi working for SiQA organization) decided to join us.  Kara –their lovely mentor offered us to be our driver and guide. Thanks to that we were able to see much more then only Televi old town.  The trip was full of gooood music, fog (also a cigarette fog in the car) and bad smell of old reheated Khaczapuri (my fault, my fault, and so on..)

First place on our list (okay, it appears on our list by accident) was ruins of Ujarma Castel.  Some small climbing, some running..
After that we achieved a major (but not the best) point in our trip – Telavi. And in the castle "Korchibashishvilebis Tsikhe" some short but really nice love story just began…young, but really handsome boy follow our every step, showing a secret (unfortunately not open) doors. He also told us an illustrated (by a famous pictures on the walls) story about him, our Sophie (- his future wife and their beautiful child). Unfortunately he escaped as soon as he joined us…

The next and the best destination was Cinandali where we could find one of the most beautiful plant of wine in Georgia. Garden with a lot of different kind of all-time green trees. This view caused that the soul of real Tarzan (Spider-man?) came out of some of us!
…and some us decided to cheer up the broken <3 with the best wine ever…
And the best kiss ever ;)….
And best dogs ever <3

But every of us must agreed that the Telavi is a city full of Empty Houses and that was the biggest attraction for US <3.

In the next chapter you will see why…


 Agnieszka (Text),
Yoann, your apprentice journalist (Pictures).

5 Jan 2012

Christmas in Sweden

Arrived to Sweden 20th of December after a long trip from Tbilisi - Riga - Stockholm - Gothenburg and then finally Vänersborg. It was really nice to meet all family and friends again after 6 months in Georgia.

Here is a picture of my family during christmas:

Beacause of the economic crisis we only invited 200 guests this year:

It feels nice to be back in Georgia!