29 Sep 2011

Good bye Marie

Marie was the last volonteer from the "previous generation" to leave Georgia and Rustavi. It's quite empty in the flat now, but in a few days there will be 2 new volonteer's here from Poland. Before Marie left I asked her a few questions for the blog.

What was the best part of your EVS?

Marie: Meeting other volonteers from other countries and live with them.

What was the worse part of your EVS?

Marie: Getting bored sometimes.

In what way do you think you have grown?

Marie: I’m less stressed about things. I have also mastered the skills of breaking and entering through windows when doors are locked.

When do you think your gonna use your new skills and knowledge?

Marie: I don’t when, but I hope it’s gonna be soon.

What are you gonna do when you get back to France?

Marie: I’m gonna eat some fish with butter. I’m also gonna work with my blog exchange project.
And I’m gonna volonteer in a place for concerts.

I want to thank both Marie and Irena for all advices and laughs during our time together here in Georgia. Good luck with everything.


20 Sep 2011

Trip to Armenia with Emelie and Albin

If we were to explain our trip to Armenia with one word, it would be: Perfect!
We have made the best powerfull perfect organization before our trip. For exemple, the day before we went to Armenia, we hadnt the number and the address of our contacts in Yerevan, we got the three sleeping bags at 23h00 the same day.
But, this technical question didn't stop us ! The 10 of September at 11h, we left for Armenia in martchoutka from Tbilisi.
Our driver was very rude towards the passengers but we arrived safe at Yerevan. After purchasing a sim card, we had called Anahit (the Armenian trainer from our On Arrival Training). In her office we found the phone number of Adela, our EVS contact in Armenia (Thank you Anahit).
We met Adela and she showed us where we could sleep. 
Adela cooked for us a delicious slovad dish

Emelie, Albin and I, we did some shopping and visited some beautiful places in Yerevan for the first four days. We met some other volunteers in Armenia (Michaela, Pauline,Tania an Irish drunk man and one girl from Germany), and some Armenian inhabitants ( Taron, Lilith, David and some more).
Albin and Emelie and Iron cow

Garden at Cascade in Yerevan

The fifth day we went in Garni and Geghard with Pauline, our taxi had a flat tire, so another taxi had to pick us up. In Garni we made the Perfect picture ! So now, you can stop taking pictures, we have THE perfect picture! 

THE perfect picture
In the evening we sought for the restaurant caucavsus restaurant to eat Armenian food. After a long time we finally found it with the help of three Armenian guys because Taron drew for us a nice, but very wrong map and we walked around in many streets in Yerevan. Tolma and Armenian spaghetti were very good. For us, It was the perfect day (I broke a pot of sugar in the morning, Emelie was eaten by mosquitoes, our taxi had a flat tire, a bad map, a violent storm with lighting and big rain felled on us during our walk in Yerevan etc).

We came back the 16 of September by martchoutka again but with a better driver. Seven hours later, we arrived at our flat in Rustavi, tired but happy !
Perfect trip with perfect people !
Three monkeys on the road (Pauline, Albin and Emelie)

If you want the perfect reciepe to make a perfect trip, contact us ! (perfect.gye@gmail.com)

Yoann, your (perfect) apprentice journalist.

12 Sep 2011

Hello Everybody!

As my EVS project here in Rustavi is almost over, I made a "sum-up" video with pictures and our favorite musics from parties time!

Hope you like it! 
See you soon, Marie.

8 Sep 2011

Teo and Dato's Wedding

Last Saturday, the 3rd of September, we were invited to celebrate Love (with a BIG L!!) ! 

Our dear georgian teacher Teo, and her sweatheart (now husband!) Dato got married in Msreta and Tbilisi. It was a great sunny day, filled with a lot of joy!

The church ceremony was due at 3 in Msreta, the most religious town of the country. We met a dozen other couples who also came to get married, and some (stupid) tourists who prevented us from taking good pictures. 

It was Emelie and Albin's first experience of such a ceremony, the second time already for Marie, who could luckily explain most of things with help from mentor Giga, Liene and Lekso! Still, we don't really know why girls can't cross their legs when sitting in the church... Any ideas? 

Then we all moved to Tbilisi, "Muza" hotel for the signing ceremony at 5. They had hired a violonist and piano player, and the setting was really amazing (almost like in Madagoni, but far more beautiful).
This part was really short, but also sweet with Teo's Niece leading the way to the autel, and champagne to celebrate!

We took cars one more time for the most interesting part : the dinner! There we met even more guests, among them peace corps volunteers Gus and David. The restaurant was "Babylon" in Tbilisi. We had katchapuri, chicken salads, fish, coko, shashlik, white wine, fruits, and of course THE cake! It was really a good one, with cream and fruits inside and meringue on top... 

We were of course dancing to traditionnal dances, and disco dances in the middle of the restaurant, and uncle Gia was making toasts in between. It showed that Teo and Dato were quite anxious about the wedding dance but they did a very good job anyway! They came after to each table to thank the guests for coming, with glasses of cognac in their hands!

As for the present, we (volunteers) gave them a "romantic package' for their honeymoon in Spain... some wine, chocolate and red candles! I think they liked it! ;-)