3 Mar 2013

IT workshop

Last Friday “Youth Association Droni” organised a workshop called “IT tools for your organisation”. Achiko and I were lucky enough to join. After our usual marsjroetka ride we arrived in Tbilisi. It wasn't that easy to find the Droni office. Actually Achiko and I think that finding the Droni office is maybe harder than making a website ;-)

Thanks to Kris, the IT master of Droni and also an EVS volunteer, we were able to take a small look into the world of IT. He showed us how to use Wordpress for making a website. Not only did he showed us how to make a website but he also showed use how to use several Google tools. One day is not enough to make us IT professionals, but I think Achiko and I'll be able to make a website for GYE now. So keep an eye on this blog, before you know it we'll have a website up and running!

Special thanks:I want to thank Kris for his time and support during the workshop, Monika for taking the photos and Michele for the orange.

More information about “Youth Assosiation Droni”, go to droni.org (a Wordpress site :-)