23 Aug 2012


Why are so many people in Georgia slapping? Obviously involuntarily and especially at night. At night it is one slap after another. And then one more question, slapping everyone in Georgia or only those who come here just to visit? Perhaps it is in other countries also, maybe it's worse elsewhere, but I currently live here, so I don´t care about other countries. 
I'm trying to work, but I can not. After a while, I feel a bit like a schizophrenic, as is constantly checking. Which is in the final as useless. I'm getting a little nervous and I can´t concentrate. Why? Because those little creatures are a flying everywhere. They drink my blood. And it literally. The worst thing is that it seems to me that made me laugh a bit. Mosquitoes. Flies. Are up devilishly clever. You don´t catch never them. They can make your life a living hell. Are you trying to scare off, but at the same time you are buzzing in the ear and try to tell you that they simply do not have. And you have the slightest moment's inattention from them pimple. They're all with you. And it seems to me that they are much louder than mosquitoes such as Bohemia. 
What does it matter that you have a mosquito net on the window, when in middle of the night some locals wants to talk with you, network give away, and suddenly you can see above my head, his hand with grapes. Take grapes, close the window, do not respond to tapping on the window. Tapping stops. Silence, how beautiful silence. But only until you hear a buzzing in the ear and starts slapping action. Then just wait when it comes reconciliation with the fact that the little beast just do not catch, and in the morning you wake up with pimples. 
Just lucky that I don't have such delicious blood as the others J.
PS: Sorry I can´t offer any photos here, as I wrote these beasts are very fast.

WTF: Welcome to friendship

During the hottest period of summer, when Rustavi becomes almost empty, came a group from Latvia in order to make a project about youth and friendship. The idea of the project was to think about the ways how to activate youth life in Latvia and Georgia and organize a Youth day in Rustavi. Unfortunately the idea of the project somehow remained on the paper.

As we are also attempting to write and organize our own projects, I found this project very important.  The youth exchange started very well. We got to know each other very easily; tested our ability to work as a group and enjoyed a guitar in our free time. Georgian culture doesn’t need a comment and Latvian food and sweets were excellent. Then through several activities we touched the main topic of our exchange. Activities itself were interesting, but the connection to the project was not always clear. Playing game about stereotypes can make us think in different way, but will not solve the problems with a youth life. Trying to find ways how to get money for youth event without any evaluation and suggestion is not useful for anyone.
The main problem however was the lack of leadership. The leaders often ignored the schedule of their own programme, which lead to annoying waiting. From active participation at the beginning we were slowly falling into passivity.

Although we had a lot of fun, learned more about ourselves, other culture and made new friendships, the youth exchange should offer more to its participants. If someone puts a big effort to preparation, there must be also some concrete result or outcome. Here except nice memories and pictures I can´t see any.

Now, standing ahead of my own project I realise how much responsibility I am going to put on my shoulders...

10 Aug 2012

Bicho Chilli Khuti Lari

One month ago I put on the market in Tbilisi completely unplanned bought a puppy. It took me five lari. Everyone laughed at me for it. Girls from Slovakia helped me choose and easeily persuaded, so it was actually Czechoslovakian scout puppy. I never regretted my decision. It was an amazing month. Yesterday it hit by a car. We buried him in the park at a local stonemason. I think that in this month traveled with me more than most people. He experienced ride by maršrutka to Batumi, and then ride hitchhiked, saw the sea, slept on the beach, rode back in the truck. I found it very funny when a puppy like this giant truck stop just because he himself had to pee. Spent a week with Georgian and Slovak guys Scouts. He was on a trip in Armenia without a passport, so hidden across the border in maršrutka. Spent the night in the hostel, from which then vomited and shat all Yerevan.
 We had very lucky that we found each other. As I wrote, I bought a 25-year-old Armenian cognac. Drinking it in his honor.
Go with him down the street with the local guide was something incredible. In Armenia it was perhaps even worse. I came to see the first puppy. And to do on a leash. I thought that if I went with him naked in the street, so I would have noticed. In Georgia or in Armenia, people are not accustomed to having dogs as pets. Or rarely. They know the only street dogs and sometimes also approached Chilli so until I could not show them to belong to me. I've had situations where people gone to the other side of the sidewalk when they saw Chilli. They were afraid of him. On the other hand, I saw absolutely happy people when they could hug him. Then I did not even want him back. But everyone, absolutely everyone whether in Georgia or Armenia smacked his lips at him. Few people wanted to pet him, but every summoning him. They called to him from car. What was strange, Chilli knew who was georgian and who was foreigner. Never came to local and did not want it touched. Compared to foreigners, which came voluntarily and with enthusiasm.

He favord Slovak and French scouts. And when they left he always when we came back from walk sat before their apartment. Now I sit before their apartment just me.

7 Aug 2012

Georgia versus Armenia

A weekend spent in Yerevan. All the money spent, not knowing what in particular. Hot weather. Thirst. But it was beautifully spent the weekend, we enjoyed it. I went along with the last two Slovak scouts and our new colleague Petra also from the Czech Republic, which we will enjoy her presence for four months.
Honestly, I admit that I like Georgia more. Yerevan is a rich and modern city. It has European. Clean sidewalks, calm drivers, modern buildings, no chaos. But the sights Yerevan is not as rich as Tbilisi. Georgian are much nicer. Girls from Armenia are artificial, not natural beauty as girls from Georgia. And Georgians boys are more elegant. It seems to me that the Armenians are not as friendly as the Georgians. As a tourist, I feel safer also in Georgia. It's just my feeling, opinions may change. Because a lot of people say that nature is just more beautiful in Armenia. I feel that I have to come back to explore it.
The difference between cognac can not yet be assessed. And in this respect have to be completely objective. After all these treasures belong to my collection of my tasting.
Although we can see a difference now. Armenian cognac has an exception than a hundred years in the use of the name cognac. So well is Armenian cognac and Georgian brandy. Regarding the award winning Armenian Cognac Ararat. As for the taste of it will certainly be another article. I brought a King Pap 25 years ago. Of course, in a smaller package, I'm just a volunteer. And frankly I say,  I don´t want to share.
You know for me the most pleasant feeling at the border on the way back, when I start talking to Georgia (I mean those few words that I can) on the customs officer that this was very pleased. What to say, home sweet home.