7 Aug 2012

Georgia versus Armenia

A weekend spent in Yerevan. All the money spent, not knowing what in particular. Hot weather. Thirst. But it was beautifully spent the weekend, we enjoyed it. I went along with the last two Slovak scouts and our new colleague Petra also from the Czech Republic, which we will enjoy her presence for four months.
Honestly, I admit that I like Georgia more. Yerevan is a rich and modern city. It has European. Clean sidewalks, calm drivers, modern buildings, no chaos. But the sights Yerevan is not as rich as Tbilisi. Georgian are much nicer. Girls from Armenia are artificial, not natural beauty as girls from Georgia. And Georgians boys are more elegant. It seems to me that the Armenians are not as friendly as the Georgians. As a tourist, I feel safer also in Georgia. It's just my feeling, opinions may change. Because a lot of people say that nature is just more beautiful in Armenia. I feel that I have to come back to explore it.
The difference between cognac can not yet be assessed. And in this respect have to be completely objective. After all these treasures belong to my collection of my tasting.
Although we can see a difference now. Armenian cognac has an exception than a hundred years in the use of the name cognac. So well is Armenian cognac and Georgian brandy. Regarding the award winning Armenian Cognac Ararat. As for the taste of it will certainly be another article. I brought a King Pap 25 years ago. Of course, in a smaller package, I'm just a volunteer. And frankly I say,  I don´t want to share.
You know for me the most pleasant feeling at the border on the way back, when I start talking to Georgia (I mean those few words that I can) on the customs officer that this was very pleased. What to say, home sweet home.



  1. Great! I just come back from Armenia and I have exactly the same feelings!!

  2. Armenian Nature? such a thing exists at all? LOL
    see what is nature! amazing one!