26 Mar 2012

Adam's trip to Kurdistan

Because Georgia is so close to Middle-East, I've decided to spent my Christmas/New Year's Eve time in near Turkey and Iraq! First I planned Armenia, but then I realized that Kurdish regions in those 2 countries are so close, and I wanted to go there for years... Well, in short summary I can say, that it's worth to go to such regions, just to confront stupid stereotypes. War and kurdish fights with turkish army- this is what we hear mostly about this region. In general, when we're watching TV or reading news, we could think- this world sucks and going to an end! But, if we just go there and meet those people... We can change our mind, we can see how hospitable, friendly and good are people, who we never met before!

in Mardin donkeys are still popular transport for arabic merchants


kurdish flag on iraqi border

park in kurdish capitol, Erbil

Ankawa has a big Christian community

kurdish family hosted were really great people

georgian-turkish border in Sarpi

all the time in Turkey kids were accosting me- sometimes for photo, more often for money

Adam in Mardin:)



Anyways, Kurdistan is very beautiful place, with many historical sights and nature. And the most important- amazing people!
I hope I'll be able to come back there someday, to spend there much more time, than only two weeks:-)


Ps. For those, who can read polish, here is my article about this trip:  http://www.psz.pl/tekst-40905/Autostopem-przez-Kurdystan

Siusiu- best dog in Rustavi!

In the middle of February we found, on our street, very cute, small puppy... She was all wet and dirty, she was begging for a piece of bread... So we decide very quickly to help her! We took her home, washed and feed. Our boss, Lekso wasn't very happy about keeping her in the flat, so after +/- one month we had to move her somewhere... It was hard for us, and especially for her, because she get used to us and our place. But yeah...
So now, she get her "dog house" in the yard of the scout house in Rustavi, and she seems to be used to that place already... We are buying and bringing food for her, I hope that when we'll leave Georgia, someone else will take care of her, for example future EVS-volunteers in Rustavi, or those who will work or stay in scout house.

Our dream is to find her a new, real home, but in georgian realities, where people don't care about dogs (especially when the dog is not from some special breed!) it can be really hard... If you know someone who love dogs and could take care of her- let us know!


Sunday activities with youth centre

On Sunday, 18.03 we welcomed oldest and middle-age group from youth centre Sapovnela in our flat.

When in the end we asked them for evaluation - to write down what they're thinking about this meeting, they wrote that it was so far the best day that they spend with us. Because of good weather, we played some games in the park outside our office, then we tell them about idea of making short stop-motion movie, and we showed some examples from internet. They liked it, so we asked for their own ideas. It was a bit hard to made up something spontaneously, so we gave them simple idea to create name of the youth centre "Sapovnela" with their bodies. I hope you can read it on the picture below:) Later we shared the meal, this time we made our own lobio, and they liked it a lot:)


13 Mar 2012


Right now me and Albin are waiting with excitment for reply to see if we can enter Abkhazia.
But we will of course be back for Moving gallery!

When it will be warmer outside me and Albin are planning to have a treasure hunt in old part of Rustavi for youngsters, and I think it could be a great project. We will keep you updated about this project!


9 Mar 2012

Some photos from my holiday in France

I would like share with you some photos I made in my holidays in France.

This is near the city named GAP, in south-est of France, beautiful « blue hole » because there is not clouds 340 days/years.


Yoann, your apprentice journalist.