26 Mar 2012

Sunday activities with youth centre

On Sunday, 18.03 we welcomed oldest and middle-age group from youth centre Sapovnela in our flat.

When in the end we asked them for evaluation - to write down what they're thinking about this meeting, they wrote that it was so far the best day that they spend with us. Because of good weather, we played some games in the park outside our office, then we tell them about idea of making short stop-motion movie, and we showed some examples from internet. They liked it, so we asked for their own ideas. It was a bit hard to made up something spontaneously, so we gave them simple idea to create name of the youth centre "Sapovnela" with their bodies. I hope you can read it on the picture below:) Later we shared the meal, this time we made our own lobio, and they liked it a lot:)


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