25 May 2018

Trip to Racha

"On weekend 18-20.05 our Rustavi team decided to have a trip and go to Racha. Friend of our common friend has there a house, where he said we could stay and enjoy the neighborhood. We started our trip on Friday around 9.30 in Rustavi hitchhiking first to Tbilisi, where we met one more friend and then, after splitting into two groups, to Nirkotsminda.  First group arrived just before 17, the second one few minutes later. After checking the house, we went to the nearby lake (Shaori) to touch the water. Next day we did short hiking to the ice cave (where really was a bit of ice at the end) and Udabno monastery. After coming back we realized that we run out of gas, so in order to cook anything we were forced to use the old style oven, where in order to make fire we had to use wood. It took a lot of time to cook anything on it, but it was fun and something unusual. The next day, Sunday, we went to Ambrolauri, where we started our 12 km trail in mountains. It wasn’t very tiring, weather was perfect, views amazing, so nothing more to expect. After all we came back to Nirkotsminda to relax, eat dinner and enjoy our last evening in Racha. Monday morning we started our way to Rustavi, which we reached in the afternoon. The trip was great, Racha is an amazing part of Georgia, even though we saw only a small part of it. Anyway, everybody enjoyed it so much and this weekend only confirm my thoughts that Georgia is amazing country with amazing mountains!"- Mariusz Tomaszuk