25 Feb 2015

So, what are your impressions of Georgia ?*

I have been in Rustavi for 1 month now and if I am not homesick, I still don't really feel at home here. But actually I kind of like it because every day comes with its challenges and I am slowly adapting to this new environment and its weird weather. Yes, weird, because we had a little survey of spring in February and then, suddenly, the big white snow came. Only for one day. After that the sun came back and as I am writing today, the rain is pouring its sadness down on us.

My opinion of this city is kind of divided. If I like its old part with its nice architectures (even though some of the buildings are almost falling down) I don't really appreciate the new Rustavi. But I think that it's something common to most of the cities, the old town is often nicer than the new one.

My Georgian is really really reeeeally limited for now and it's too bad, not only because it makes it difficult to ask for something in a shop or whatsoever, but mostly because sometimes you want to talk with people even if it's about something irrelevant. Every time someone tries to have a talk with me I feel completely helpless because I can't give them any answer, I would like but I can't.

Well, enough of this melodramatic mood. Every time a Georgian asks me my impressions of Georgia, they expect me to say that I don't like, for instance, people staring at me, being rude or anything else. But the truth is that it's the same everywhere so it's not the first thing that comes to my mind when I think about Georgia. When I say that I like this country, some of them are surprised. I mean, it's quite normal for me to appreciate its beautiful landscapes, its dishes (I'm in love with the lobio), the nice people I meet, and all the little things which remind me that the life here is a bit different than the one I have in France, those are some of the reasons for why I am here.

*question people asked me a thousand times