22 May 2012

Tbilisi Music Festival

Hello! On Saturday 19th May was the Tbilisi Music Festival. Lots of different organisations from Tbilisi and Rustavi were involved in the promotion of Salto- Youth and EVS- which involved handing out flyers and speaking to the public. This was the first time this kind of promotional event took place.

We got to see lots of talented musicians play live, and artists display their works.

Overall, I think the day was a success!


21 May 2012


Saturday 19 May I gave certificates to participants of the exhibition "Who I am?".

Yoann, your apprentice journalist.

14 May 2012

Hi there!

Last  week we welcomed a new volunteer from Ireland, she will stay here for three months and her name is Aoife.

Here are we in a restaurant eating Georgian traditional food.

We also had some of the Sapovnela kids (a youth center) here on a animation workshop that Natia (who are going to Latvia for a long term EVS) was in charge of.
We also played some games with them that seemed to be appriciated.

 On Saturday we went to play pool and to drink some beer in new part of Rustavi. We will for sure go there again!


Now it is Monday again, which means work. Later this day we will have Conversation Club with some college girls!

3 May 2012

Youth exchange in Sweden!

A few months ago we started to think about writing a youth exchange within the Youth in action programme, to bring youth from Georgia and Poland to our home city in Sweden, Vänersborg.
We knew that we wanted to write a youth exchange about human- and equal rights, but it took some time to structure to whole idea to a complete youth exchange project.
After many hours of thinking, writing, deleting and writing again... we were finally finished and submitted the application for the February deadline.
About a week ago, we got the answer that the project is approved!

We will bring 6 participants+1 leader form each country, all and all we will be 22 people (2 leaders form Sweden). We will have different daily topics to discuss and work with in different ways.
What is human and equal rights? Gender equality, Identity - nationality, religion, sexual orientations.
We are also planning to do a trip to Swedens second biggest city to visit the organisation RFSL that are working to spread information about equal rights for people with a different sexual orientation than the "norm". We will invite a guest speaker to talk about identity connected to nationality and relgion. He is from Somalia and immigrated in the early 90´s. And many other things...
We will sleep in cottages close to the nature with swimming opportunities.

It feels great to have created something during our time here that hopefully will give a long term impact for the youngster who will participate.

Wish us luck!