1 Jun 2016

6 months EVS in Romania - Etunas, Avto and Lasha stories

Hosting org: EXPLORATOR Association 
Sending org: Association "Georgian Youth for Europe"   


My EVS life was very good. I liked my daily job, i mean working with disability and with autistic children. It is really huge experience in my life. Honestly to say i was expecting totally different project about ecology, in the beginning i was a lit scared when i saw the fact that i have to work with kind of children, but time by time i get to use in and right now i feel myself very close with children. I think its great thing what I was doing here in Romania, we had different kind of outdoor and indoor activities with them.
   With autistic children i worked two days in a week and three days with disability children. We did several times events for them and collected some money, it was kind of donation, we celebrated world autistic day together seconds of April with them in the city center and organized flash mob especially for them. I am happy when i see their smiley faces.
   During this project we had twice Greening day. It was kind of activities about ecology with children in kindergarten and with the children from different school. We explained them how to care about your nature, the area where do you live, how to protect it. We planted trees and flowers together, had a several types of games and they have been so happy because of it :)
   The members of my hosting organisation are so lovely and friendly, they are really nice, they always stand next to us whenever we needed them. We had also mentor and once in a month we hafd a meeting with him. Shortly to say they are absolutely brilliant, i love them.
   So my 6 months of EVS was amazing, only I were missing my country, my family, my friends, my lovely dog for sure and the situation of Georgia. I were miss everything what is connected with Georgia. When project was over finish, I started counting the last days of mine. J


I am Lasha , i had EVS in Romania, nice country with great people , i love that country,i love my Job. I were volountering in activities for children with special needs , like Autistic Children. I cann’t say that it was easy for me to work with them. At the begining it was really difficult but later work went more easier. I like it very much.  Children was so lovely and kind, all the time they were trying to hug me. We were  doing sport activities for them. My project is over but i am so sad that i had to leave them .
Last year i had Erasmus studies where i was parting all the time but now  when i compare it between each other i can say that it is two competly different lifes . During of my EVS i started to think a lot. Thinking about everything  about my future life . I grown as a person . For now i have different values . I think now i became more serious :)

Now i am going to tell you a Little about my life in Craiova (Romania). I can say that here i met a great people. I really love that country .  Romanians are such a kind people. I became really good friend with one Romanian coupe . I love them , they did a lot for me. They were helping me in hard situations. Most of my time i was spenting with them. Here i arrived together with two more Georgians – Avto and Etuna. For few month we were living togather but later me and Avto moved to other place. We were living six in a Flat . We were cooking, drinking and haveing fun always togather .
During my EVS i had nice and sad expariances but at the end i want to say that EVS is great life and everyone has to try it :)


A walk to remember

I could say everything went great. Well, it didn’t at first. I searched for meaning, for purpose, and for a sense of utility. Many of those things I couldn’t really find at all times. But then again, I found friends to help me along the way. 

Then there were a small amount of troubles, petty disagreements, niggles and squabbles. They festered, and in time, threatened to derail the story. But they were frozen in a winter of discontent, made glorious summer by this sun of…Romania? Much later, when unfrozen, they were found to be irrelevant and unworthy. And so it came to pass that I came to the present, where I have different outlook on my situation. A much sunnier one, where everything is going great. Where the sun grows brighter every day. Where I get to work, travel, and help people in equal measure. Where life is fulfilling on a personal and professional level. Thereby I do highly recommend doing an EVS. It can change your life. It sure did change mine. 

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