31 Jul 2012

french "community" in Rustavi ;)

     And now a special article about this 3 french people who were there for 1 month !  Even if they were French like me, it was for me also an intercultural discovery because they were so funny, different and odd J

    Who will forget Arnaud (“Agnold” for Georgian people) who scream and raise one’s fist on the “Marseillaise”, our national anthem ! J His fight anti-discrimination to have our flag on the standard-bearer ! His amazing “French/german/English” accent: “Zo”, “underschtand”… And his favorite motto : “I have a prrroblem” J  His beautiful actor performance as a baby for the Slovak wedding.

The moral of the story that we can remember is : “You can communicate with people even if you don’t know really well the language, is just a question of desire” !

    Who will forget Florence, our “Mushroom”, this girl outside of any category, who like freedom, trans music, play the jew’s-harp (instrument : guimbarde), don’t like rules, don’t work and like to travel ! Many people of the camp came back at home with a beautiful “ateba” in their hair.
What we can remember from her is: “Be friend with the nature” and “ Be connect with the spiritual world” ;)

  Who will forget Aurelien and his wonderful talent for dancing, to lead a group, to put crazy atmosphere in the air… How 25 youth people were dancing on stupid/funny dances “Ruki, zuki” and “Corde à sauter” or how to put animation on the Rustavi main square ! Also his actor performance as a “mum” was unforgettable!

His favorite motto ? “ It’s not possible for me” , but we know that everything  is possible for him …


One month with Slovak Scouts

At the beginning of July, came a bunch of Slovak Scouts. Each of the other parts of Slovakia, each from a different section, each of a different nature. But together created a very strong group that has been a pleasure to be. Their task was to prepare the camp program for local youth, who managed with great grace. We participated in the camp, we, me, Tomáš, Florian and Aiofe. So we could observe the preparations and learn new things.
This camp was located in a beautiful nature in Kartli area near the Gori, city of Stalin.
I'm not a scout, and I've never been in their presence. Even now I can confirm that they are strong personalities, all in one. Able to cope with everything and wanted to teach local youth (including me). And back I can say here that their mission was fulfilled. Scouting has a passion for most of the camp. I hope this will continue and their enthusiasm disappears.
Their games were fun, educational workshops and children is much to like.
Scouts are absolutely precise in everything they do. They are honest. And proud to be Scouts. It's ingrained in them already, or it can be learned? Just compliance is a big problem for someone. The basic rule regarding smoking? Well, for Georgia it seems to me a superhuman task J.
I learned that in the Czech Republic is about 50,000 Scouts, the Slovak Republic about 5 000. The difference is due to the history and distribution of these countries, so these numbers are meaningless. Altogether it's a lot. It would be nice to see how these numbers are growing. And especially in Georgia, even if it's still a long way. 


29 Jul 2012


I am here for two months. Damn fast for two months. During that time I met a lot of people have experienced a lot of experience, saw an incredibly beautiful countryside. At the moment I write this blog I can think of only remarks about the locals. Behavior, character, thoughts. Their thoughts I would like to know, perhaps as never before. I do not know what he thinks and what he meant. And that's the cultural difference. This difference must be especially respected. Otherwise you are lost and more or less doomed. It is important to figure out the difference. In Bohemia there is a pungent irony and sarcasm, so that we use. Including me. I am an expert on the pungent sarcasm. Sometimes I misunderstood. It depends on people. Georgians are stubborn, under any circumstances stand his ground and does not intend by its decision to compromise. Only they are right. On the other hand, I knew nicer and friendlier friends. They are incredibly hospitable and tries to do for you impossible. For me, absolutely amazing. Sloth is their favorite feature. But if you give them a little motivation, or just our presence among them, and their action knows no bounds. Then not keep wondering what they can devise. Thanks to conversation club along with Tomáš and Aoife got friends where it is clear that they believe you would do anything for you, nothing is a problem. These friends I remain at least until the end of my stay here, I'm absolutely sure. Over time, we gain more and more local partners, for which we can only be grateful. No matter the age. The important thing is a big heart. And definitely have a local. And this is something incredible for me. Already, I'm afraid to go home, for the moment, what I'm here, I got used to this approach. It is magical to watch. Being a part of them.

EVS Rustavi: US!

Libuše - Czech Republic

Youth exchange "Free as a bird"

Dear reader!

Have you heard what happened in Rustavi during the second week of June 7th till 15th june 2012)?  In the new Scout centre of Rustavi was held the Youth Exchange “Free as a bird” supported by the Youth in Action Programme and organized by Georgian youth for Europe & unesco initiatives centre. 26 people from 6 different countries Czech Republic, Estonia, Georgia, Poland, Russia and Slovakia came to Rustavi to talk about very actual issues: immigration and freedom symbolized by birds. They spent beautiful 8 days, did a lot of interesting activities, discovered new cultures and learned a lot about Georgia and each other.
Just after the arrival in Rustavi they tasted “khinkali” and “khachapuri” and immediately fell in love with georgian cuisine. Georgian participants as great hosts prepared for their new european friends Georgian national evening, where they tasted georgian red & white wine, heard and watch georgian national songs and dances. It was also a great opportunity to get to know more each other and talk about immigration and birds in their countries. The second day they got deeper into the problems of immigration of people and after that had a lot of fun during “night of passion”, when everyone showed his/her own passion.
New sunny day started with city game prepared by long-term EVS volunteers. The aim of this game was to get to know better Rustavi in an adventurous way.  They were divided into 5 teams and got several tasks. They learned how to buy “alu bali” in bazaar, met the theatre director, who told them more about the history of Rustavi, made funny pictures with locals in park and compared the prices of “marshrutka” to Tbilisi. They found Rustavi very interesting place full of hidden secrets.
Slightly tired from hot weather, but fully motivated, we started to make proposals for the main outcome of the project in three different groups: video, photo and postcard. How to express our understanding of freedom and immigrations issues? Where should be the limits of the freedom? Is a bird really free? By the end of the looked everything more clear to us and we were ready to start working on it.
To see more interesting places of Georgia, the organizers took participants to David Gareji monastery, which included bird watching and the visit of Bodbe and Signaghi. The weather was very warm, but everyone was very impressed by the rich Georgian history and beautiful landscape.
After the excursion they started to work hard in their groups. All were very enthusiast about the topic. The main idea was to define where should be the limits of our freedom. As a bird respecting weather conditions and nature. To make a break all participants received a trash bag and went to the streets. They found it as a good way to show local people that they should care more about the environment.
To show their final work during the project and also officially open new Scout centre organizers invited locals and TV from Rustavi. It was very pleasant evening as for visitors so for participants, because they could defend their ideas and talk more about the issue directly with people.
When it came to say good bye everyone realized that everything was great and so wonderful and that it will be hard to come back home. They go we stay, but somehow they stay as well. How? Maybe we are living far from each other, but our friendship stay in our minds. 
Bonus video ;)                                                                                                            Tomáš

2 Jul 2012

Trip to Borjomi

This weekend we welcomed a new long- term volunteer from France. Her name is Floriane. We also welcomed Mariana, from Slovakia. She is a scout and will stay for one month. On Friday morning we all woke up early to go to Borjomi. Mariana and Floriane had their first Georgian meal- khachapuri and Georgian beer in a cafe in Borjomi.
On Friday night we camped by a river in Borjomi, then went to the national park on Saturday morning. We climbed up over 2000 metres. It was tiring, but a lot of fun! We met five Latvians and one Estonian at the top and slept in a wooden cabin that night. It was really cold!

On Sunday morning we climbed down and went back to Rustavi. That night we watched football in Meria. It was the final between Spain and Italy. Spain won! Viva la España!
And now, I must go because I have a Georgian lesson.

- Aoife