2 Jul 2012

Trip to Borjomi

This weekend we welcomed a new long- term volunteer from France. Her name is Floriane. We also welcomed Mariana, from Slovakia. She is a scout and will stay for one month. On Friday morning we all woke up early to go to Borjomi. Mariana and Floriane had their first Georgian meal- khachapuri and Georgian beer in a cafe in Borjomi.
On Friday night we camped by a river in Borjomi, then went to the national park on Saturday morning. We climbed up over 2000 metres. It was tiring, but a lot of fun! We met five Latvians and one Estonian at the top and slept in a wooden cabin that night. It was really cold!

On Sunday morning we climbed down and went back to Rustavi. That night we watched football in Meria. It was the final between Spain and Italy. Spain won! Viva la España!
And now, I must go because I have a Georgian lesson.

- Aoife

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