31 Jul 2012

One month with Slovak Scouts

At the beginning of July, came a bunch of Slovak Scouts. Each of the other parts of Slovakia, each from a different section, each of a different nature. But together created a very strong group that has been a pleasure to be. Their task was to prepare the camp program for local youth, who managed with great grace. We participated in the camp, we, me, Tomáš, Florian and Aiofe. So we could observe the preparations and learn new things.
This camp was located in a beautiful nature in Kartli area near the Gori, city of Stalin.
I'm not a scout, and I've never been in their presence. Even now I can confirm that they are strong personalities, all in one. Able to cope with everything and wanted to teach local youth (including me). And back I can say here that their mission was fulfilled. Scouting has a passion for most of the camp. I hope this will continue and their enthusiasm disappears.
Their games were fun, educational workshops and children is much to like.
Scouts are absolutely precise in everything they do. They are honest. And proud to be Scouts. It's ingrained in them already, or it can be learned? Just compliance is a big problem for someone. The basic rule regarding smoking? Well, for Georgia it seems to me a superhuman task J.
I learned that in the Czech Republic is about 50,000 Scouts, the Slovak Republic about 5 000. The difference is due to the history and distribution of these countries, so these numbers are meaningless. Altogether it's a lot. It would be nice to see how these numbers are growing. And especially in Georgia, even if it's still a long way. 


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