14 Apr 2019

“Share the opportunities” - My EVS experience in Latvia

Hello! My name is Beka Beriashvili, I’m from Georgia and from 05.08.2018 until 01.04.2019 (8 months) I lived and worked as a volunteer in Latvia, town of Balvi. My main workplace was Balvi Children and Youth Center, besides that depending on the needs of the project I also worked in Vilaka municipality, primarily at Vilaka School and several other places in the municipality.
My EVS project was about non-formal education, so as a volunteer my main tasks were to organize and execute different kinds of activities for the youth, the activities that would’ve been funny, interesting and informative for them, all connected to the main idea of non-formal education. Of course my responsibilities also included helping my co-workers to execute their own ideas and planned activities.
I started with outdoor activities, weather in August was fantastic and more or less it remained like that until mid-October. I organized football tournaments for the local youth, that helped me to get to know them better and to kinda “introduce” myself to the local community as a whole. Meanwhile our center also organized and carried out many fascinating events, activities and parties for locals. In October weather got worse, so my activities moved indoors. I’ve created several Kahoot questionnaires about sports and modern-day events and administered them at BBJC to local teens. With my co-workers help I’ve hosted several “Georgian days” during my EVS, mostly at BBJC but also outside the main workplace, Vilaka school and various local Youth Centers. On these national days I cooked some traditional dishes from our cusine, made presentations about Georgia, gave the local youth all kinds of information about my country, mostly touristic but also some history and alphabet (Yeah, people like our alphabet and they always asked me to write something, it was great :D ). On national days we always had a lot of fun. In parallel regime I started to go to Vilaka school on Mondays and with 1st graders and 7th graders assemble and program metal and plastic constructors of various type, size and shape. I think these activities were educational and productive for both - myself and the kids, you don’t get to see and assemble 500 EUR constructors everyday :). I remember only 1 day when we couldn’t assemble the vehicle in time, on any other day our work was a success.
Latvian kids are smart, talented and well-behaved (take note Georgia!) so I’m sure all of them have a bright future ahead. During my EVS occasionally I also had to do some digital stuff, creating diploma templates, banners and etc. To be honest it was nothing good, I don’t like what I’ve created but purely as a new experience doing them and learning something new with every try was really good, I wouldn’t have done it at home so thanks to my project for this opportunity.
Co-workers, the other volunteer and project coordinator now, I won’t get tired of writing how good they are, all of them. From my first day there it’s been “what can we do to make your life better” attitude towards me, they were very attentive and every time I asked something they always reacted immediately. On a personal level they are also great people, I’m very happy that I met them and know them personally now. I’m sure everyone who will go to Balvi as a volunteer under this project will have a great time, with the people who are part of it it’s guaranteed.
Lastly I would like to thank to everyone who made possible for me to be part of my project, to both organizations. A special thanks to my Latvian project coordinator and the people who work at BBJC. I’m also grateful to other people in Balvi and Vilaka municipalities with whom I had a professional relationship in my time there. It was a very special chapter of my life and will remain like that forever.

2 Apr 2019

Nini's EVS story from Latvia

I am Nini and I was volunteer in Latvia, Jurmala. My project duration was 6 months and I want to evaluate my being here, project itself and want to share my experience and emotions to those who want to take part in this amazing experience of EVS.
My project started in August and me and another girl from Georgia came here to work in the youth organization called  Jurmalas youth and children initiative center. As it was summer and after school activities were not that actual at that time period, our organization gave as a task to work in the youth camp, where we designed different games and activities for children aged 10-15. our activities included indoor and outdoor activities on the amazing beach of Jurmala. I want to say a few words about the incredible beauty of Latvia. It is an amazing country, mostly valleys. Jurmala is quite big and long city along the Baltic sea. Beach is covered with white pleasant sand so in summer it is a great opportunity to swim, get sun ten and enjoy the weather. Riga, the capital city of Latvia, is very near to Jurmala (40min by train). It is the cultural center of Latvia as well. So if you want to buy clothes, go to the theater, or go to the cinema, it is better to visit Riga for that purposes.

Before I arrived here I saw on the internet that people are very shy and closed to new relationships in Latvia and I was little worried about that, but in reality, it is not the case. I think it is just a cultural difference. At first, you may feel that they are cold and closed but, it is because we Georgians are very outgoing and expressive. After some time you will understand that difference and make new friends.
During my project I had an opportunity to explore and travel around the country, I saw amazing places and made new friends. That is incredible.
I would say that everybody most tries EVS during lifetime because it gives a great competence. And gives you the opportunity to find out new skills in yourself, and all of it is a part of non-formal education, that means that you are learning through doing.
Till now I found out, that I can make perfect khachapuri without Georgian cheese, I am making dinner every day (that seemed impossible for me). I communicate freely in English and developed Russian skills as well. And yes, knowing Russian really helps here, because more than 30 % of the population are Russians.
When the school year started our responsibilities changed, our main task was to create new projects for youngsters and make publications about that.
I organized several projects here for youngsters: for example yoga class, psychology club, meditation lessons, Georgian language classes, board game night, Halloween party and I managed jewelry making workshops and Georgian food making class.

EVS is an experience that I will never forget and I advise you to try it and you will be amazed because what I wrote here is only one percent of what I actually experienced, what I actually learned about the new culture and most importantly about myself.
I want to say very big thanks to both of my sending and receiving organizations for supporting me in every phase of my project.

Nini's host organisation was Jūrmala Children and Youth Interest Center

Project supported by Erasmus Plus programm - European Voluntary Service 

26 Mar 2019

If you are a volunteer in GYE - time moves rapidly

How fast is the time? If you are a volunteer in GYE - time moves rapidly, like a rocket, picks up speed, cuts through the stars and takes you up, leaving behind all doubts.

A month has passed since I arrived in Rustavi, but it seems that everything happened in an instant! One moment, one thought, one right decision (big thanks to Linda and Laura!), brought so many changes in my daily life.

This is my second visit to Georgia, therefore, I can’t say that I felt culture shock or for a long time got used to local traditions, behavioral features, Georgian_Maybe_Time or food. Here I feel like at homeland, comfortable, safe. It seems my acclimatization is coming to an end, because now Tbilisi guides rarely offer to me excursions by boat and wine tasting. (maybe I become look like a local? 🙂 

Last summer I traveled around Georgia with hitchhiking and a minibus, made trips in the company of other volunteers, often spent the night in a tent, meeting sunrises and sunsets in the territories of natural parks, was surprised by the unusual (for Latvia) wild animals, trees, air temperature. I have a lot of wonderful memories of trips, and of those people with whom I spent that summer. 

This year I have not moved further than Bakuriani, which means that everything is ahead! Only one minus that I noticed at this time of the year (and which is “hidden” by tall grass and foliage in the summer) is the amount of garbage in Georgia... Plastic is everywhere, this is a real problem, and the disease of the whole Earth, this one makes a sad impression. “Parki ar minda” - unfortunately, becomes the motto of many European volunteers here...

Now I live according to the schedule of GYE and for the first time in my life I teach yoga for beginners, which I really (really!!) like and it makes me happy.

I develop my skills by attending yoga classes in Tbilisi. I am also leading English for beginners and Russian conversation club, taking pictures and sometimes visiting the Sapovnela children center. Working with kids is something completely indescribable, because all of them are very different, active or passive and it’s impossible to predict how the lesson will pass! 🙂

Has my English improved in the month of my stay and work in Georgia? A little bit. 🙂 I understand more, I speak more often, and I have almost no fear if I don’t know any words. I am lucky that the people around are very attentive and patient, they always try to explain phrases differently, more simpler for me. I learned one important truth - no one here is a native speaker of English, we all learn and everyone has mistakes. (Thank you, for supporting dream-team: Dante, Patrik and Delhia!). Language is not an ideal tool, a non-verbal method is more better. Body position, glance tells me more about a person, so I recognize people through observation too.

Separately, I would like to note the training in Bakuriani: it was beautiful! It was the training that helped me to overcome the language barrier, gained greater confidence in your EVS, learn more about motivation, how to solve problem situations, and get to know very different and wonderful people. And of course ... stunning trainers Ana, Nurana, and volunteers around, which is always very important, especially if you are locked in the same territory for 5 days.
Listen to your heart, reader,
Namaste (traditional Hindu greeting / farewell; means "I bow to the divine in you"),
and see you soon,


Strategic EVS project “Corners of Europe” is financed by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union that in Latvia is administrated by Agency for International Programs for Youth.

25 Mar 2019

Abdou's 6 month EVS in GYE

Oh Georgia, the first thing to say about this country is the food is good, Supra is the best things ever and if you don’t drink alcohol don't come to Georgia ... just kidding. When ADICE offered me this mission, I did not even know where Georgia is, so I goggled the country and obliviously the first result was the US state.
I did as much research as I can, I did not find a lot of things on the net. So to get out of my comfort zone, I was off on an extraordinary adventure. I remember in the car for the airport my father asked me if someone going actually come to pick me up once I got here, Doubt settles, because I was not very sure that Nana would be there. Arrived at Roissy (French airport), I write a mail to make sure she's going to pick me up on the airport. She says she's going to be there. Then stopover in Turkey, first time in Turkey and I exchanged my first Lari (Georgian money) super emotion to be and do new things.  When I arrived in Georgia, I had 5 minutes of doubt before I saw Nana and other people who had an important role in my EVS adventures. It was my welcome to Georgia.
So my first impression when I saw the apartment where I was going to spend the next 6 months of my life, I thought that would will be super long this EVS. At the same time, I have never felt an impatience like this in my all my life, I hardly slept the first night, because I wanted to be so much tomorrow to start the adventure in an official way. This country who was a part of the Russian empire that has a strong character as well. The mountainous landscapes, these monasteries and churches, so much history in this rather small country. Two weeks ago, for example, I went to make my first official hitchhiking experience alone. The first one, it was last December when we went to Armenia with two colleges, but that's another story.

Two weeks ago, trip to Uplistsikhe small village not very far from Gori. In hitchhiking, I was sure that the village was well before Gori ,so imagined my reaction when my map and the car where I was go through Gori by the way there is the Stalin museum because yes Stalin was born in Gori (fun fact) .I have kept my calm of course because my experience in Georgia taught me to keep my calm in any situation. I had even the moment when I thought that this little town is really cool with a little Cuban vibe (it was Gori) .I stayed maybe 2 – 3 hours in the cave town of Uplistsikhe really a lot of wind and a little cold. All these whitish stone grottoes, we will say more than I thought, disappointed for that because I was looking for a quiet visit with my pod-casts in my ears. I don't really want to discourage anyone from visiting because it really is an experience to live. Among others, I was able to visit: Mont Kazbegi, kobuleti, batumi, Gori, Borjomi, Gudauri.  All these cities offers me a unique experiences. I really have this philosophy with this trip are a bonus, and I'm very happy of each trip, because they are part of me now.
Now, I'm going to go faster in time, because clearly all things were so new for the days and weeks that followed my arrival than today, it's normal, but I was like a child coming into a toys store. I don't really like what I'm going to do, but I have to do it, I have not found any other way to do it. I'm going to make a list of all the things I have done. I could do here:
-First clubs: French conversation, English conversation, IT club, movie club, game time, Philosophy conversation.  These are the major clubs that I have been able to manage here.

-Now other stuff: I manage organization YouTube channel and Instagram page, writing articles for the bulldozer, I had a day volunteer in dog shelter, I helped my organization to find partners  for the future mobility project  and help also to develop  Mobile application, Manage team building game, make a lot of posters for events, create game for events, make a  presentation public, etc... That is just some things that I manage to make in this 6-month mission. I learn a lot. The most important, for me, is the people a have the opportunity to meet. One of the biggest lessons I learn here is the best way to learn is just to listen people when they talk and ask questions.

When I arrive here, I had so much stereotype about the people who do this type of volunteer service and who use hitchhiking for transportation. Maybe with the college and  experience I had, I can't believe that someone can take you in this car without making you pay something’s, in France we have blablacar but that a company you need to pay them for it. That why I think that They are hippie for sure but now my way of seeing the world and people change a lot EVS is definitely a life changing experience.

Today, I still have 1 week before departure or back depending on the point of view, in France. Have been a few weeks that I am between I want to return because it must and I want to stay even if it is not the right thing to do ,in addition it is not possible. The thing I am sure is that this experience is the best decision I made even if I decided to do the mission 1 hours after I have received the mission offer.

By the way I want to say a big thank you to all people who make this wonderful experience possible .Thanks to Nana for every things she teaches me about work, computer stuff, happiness and a lot of more STUFF, thanks to Aleks for this opportunity, my mentor Mari wonderful girl. We often had conversations a little curious but still very interesting, thanks to  Mokhalises,  we have an amazing team and our teamwork help me a lot to grow as a person and as a man and I want say thank you very much to every single person who came to GYE. As Oprah Winfrey us to say “Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher” that what people did here, I fill very bless to have the chance to be a part of your life.

21 Mar 2019

On arrival Training 2019

So this month, which is the 2nd and a half month of me being here, I had the On Arrival Training (OAT).
It was held in Bakuriani, which, I would say, was the perfect place to have the oat in, because it is high up in the snowy, beautiful mountains, which pretty much sums up the environment of Georgia and Caucasus in general.

We were a small group of 12 volunteers from Italia, Latvia, France, Germany and Czech Republic. The trainers were from Azerbaijan and Armenia and the logistics guru- Shota (amazing guy) from Georgia. So a pretty colorful group with people from different places and cultures, which means a lot of opportunities to learn.

The schedule was all right- we start at 9:30 in the morning, end at 18:30 in the evening, with lunch, coffee and dinner breaks in between.

It's hard to remember how everything went step by step, because the whole experience was overwhelmingly positive and I can, honestly, say that I learned quite a lot. For example things about conflict solving, as well as giving/receiving feedback and non violent communicating etc.

The two topics/activities I learned the most from were:

1. Discussion about Caucasus culture.
I took a lot of notes in my head about the overall mentality and view of life of Caucasus people. And despite me being from north-western Europe, where the sense of time, sense of collectiveness and all these other kinds of values and traditions are radically different than in Caucasus, I actually see how knowing and accepting them can benefit me to improve my own mental health, life overall and the life of ones around me. 

The most simple example, off the top of my head, that I can give is that Georgian people don't really worry about the future(or time in general), because it is unknown, anything can happen suddenly, unexpectedly and it's pointless to worry about it. Which makes me also feel less anxious about the future. I don't know if this makes sense, but it does for me, sorry, haha.
Even more this applied during the traditional Supra(Georgian dinner, lots of food and wine), when the Tamada (the main talker at the table) was saying all these different toasts, which made me feel more appreciative of the things, people and circumstances of my life.

2. Workshop about motivation.
This was actually the last workshop of the training, it was held in the last day and has stuck the most to my memory. As a person who actually sometimes struggles with finding and maintaining motivation for taking actions or working towards my goals, I found out a lot of great tips and tricks for keeping my focus and motivation up.
The rest of details are kind of personal.

In conclusion.
There's probably tons of things I haven't mentioned about the OAT, because the information might still be processing in my head, and I'm sure it is, but. I learned a lot. It was a great balance of relaxing/learning in a non-formal environment. 
And, nevertheless it sparked a feeling of bright future ahead.

Progress daily,

Martins 'chuks' Piebalgs

Strategic EVS project “Corners of Europe” is financed by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union that in Latvia is administrated by Agency for International Programs for Youth.

25 Feb 2019

First month impressions

So it has been a little bit more than a month since I arrived to Georgia for my twelve month EVS. Must say, that so far I have had a pretty interesting and wonderful experience.
So let's start with the environment I'm living in. I've more or less comfortable with Rustavi now. Fixed a bike from scout center and took a ride all around the town. I know what Marshutka's to take to get to new Rustavi, as well the ones to come back to Batumi st. 22, where I live. Also I know which ones to take to get to Tbilisi, although not ones to come back, because I still haven't went there alone, but that's OK, I still have time.

This month we actually went to Gudauri with some other volunteers. There's not much to say about the experience other than that it was purely amazing and breath-taking. Love the mountains. I think I might revisit Gudauri some day, for sure.

Have had some dog encounters. One of which happened when I was trying to cycle up to the hill where the huge cross stands. Went around the highway with a bike as I noticed some guy with a stick, waving around and screaming something. Didn't think much of it, thought he was just some drunk guy, roaming around the mountains. Turns out he was a shepherd, completely sober and concerned about my life, as he was trying to warn me about his dogs. What happened was that as I continued pushing up the steep and got to the top, then, in a matter of 7 seconds, I got surrounded by 6 sheep dogs. From my experience with dogs, I knew I can't show fear, as dogs are extremely good at sensing fear in people, which may result in their aggressiveness. What I did was just stand still, with my head down, hands up, let them bark at me, sniff me. Stood still for about 20 seconds, then proceeded biking forwards, to apologize to the shepherd: "Bodishi", I said and told him that I couldn't hear the warning because of the wind. No need to say he was not very happy, but when I apologized, he calmed down. So then I went a bit further up the highway and realized there are more sheep ahead, which means more dogs, I decided to turn back and not continue my trip to the cross, since I was alone and didn't really have any self defense tools.I would consider myself kind of lucky, because who knows how the dogs would of acted if it weren't for their owner there. Crazy story, huh?

Locals- the best. Hospitality is off the charts. Already made some friends in bars like Omi (amazing place BTW, you should visit it) and Taoba.

The food is great. I enjoy Khikhali, Khachapuri, Kubdari and all the other delicious goods from the bakery, except Lobiani. No way, people who eat it, I congratulate you, but with all due respect- beans and bread don't go together. Facts. 

Wine- amazing. Have tried only Kindzmarauli so far tho. It's amazing and pretty cheap. Actually everything is like twice as cheap as it is in Latvia, which is another bonus for a northern European like me.

So another thing. Being a crazy uncontrollable circus freak that I am, I have already visited the hospital, oh yes indeed. What happened? Well, long story short- I fell from a bike in the night, trying to be bit too extreme in Meria, when it was slippery. Don't drink and drive kids, leave it to professionals- me, haha.
The service in the hospital was actually pretty good, I would say. The doctors seem a little more concerned about you, to the point where they actually seem paranoid of what might be wrong with you. Got an x-ray, they even checked my stomach for any inner bleeding. Gave me some painkillers, awesome, I asked for morphine, they wouldn't give me any, haha. Just kidding. Although I did ask them.
So now I'm healing a strained muscle in my upper left back. Still hurts a little bit after 2 weeks, but I should be fine after one or two more weeks.

Other than that I'm feeling great. Doing my "work" in GYE. I'm teaching juggling and rhythm, also I lead the chess club. All of these activities are more or less my passions so nothing to complain about, since by teaching the youngsters, I also improve myself in these fields. Plus I've always enjoyed teaching my skills to others. 

For the near future- I want to fix more bikes from the scout center, so other volunteers would also have this amazing way of transportation around Rustavi. Also would like to travel around Georgia more, because the nature seems otherworldly-beautiful.
For long term future- I want to make these "night rides" with bikes around Rustavi as a weekly event, on Fridays for example.
Also would like to build a freak-bike and get a unicycle.

All in all the first month has been a blast. With ups and downs, but positive overall. I'm sure I missed something, since time is passing so fast and it's hard to remember all the experiences. We'll see what the future brings. I want to get a skateboard, because the park of Rustavi has some marvelous flat-ground, as well as a skate park. We shall see.

Continue improving myself,
Progress daily,
Don't "work" too much,
Stay positive,
Jah, Rastafari!

Martins 'chuks' Piebalgs.

13 Feb 2019

Jurmala, Jurmala, EVS in Jurmala

My name is Salome Mtchedlishvili and I done my EVS in Latvia. Everything has happened really spontaneously. In summer 2018 I started to reevaluate things that I was doing in my life, my profession, my environment, daily routines and I realized that I was canned in a very narrow frame, everything I was doing was boring, I wasn’t gaining anything new, my life routine was just stepping on one and the same place.

I started to think what could I do to change the situation. Started googling, asking friends, about projects abroad.  I wanted to go far from my routine, out of my comfort zone. Then I remembered about EVS, which I was thinking to do when I was in my early 20-s but then I started a full-time job, and have forgotten about this program. So, I have remembered about it and then I asked one of my friends, who has done it twice, where could I find EVS vacancies, she sent me several links of Georgian sending organizations. I started checking vacancies, I saw a vacancy in Jurmala, Latvia, it was about working with youths and it sounded interesting, because I already had some experience in working with youngsters as a private teacher.

So, I applied, sent my CV, motivational letter and application form. I didn’t have big hopes, because I thought that younger applicants would have had higher chances but, soon, in a week as I remember, they wrote me an e-mail about skype interview. The interview went really well and about int 2 weeks they wrote to me that I was accepted and adventure has begun from that moment…

1st of August. Me and Nini, second volunteer, started out voluntary work, which was joyful, interesting, fun, a lot of new people, new experiences, everything was new and different. During August we worked for summer camp, in Jurmala. We were planning daily activities for youngsters 13-15-year kids. We were playing on the beach, I and Nini taught them games we used to play when we were at their age. Summer was pleasant, sunny but not hot weather, so playing and swimming with them on the beach was not working but a long-term vacation.
At the end of August, I and Nini had on arrival training with other volunteers from all over Latvia. And I had an amazing 5 days. I met amazing people and made new friends there from different countries. Our daily routine was non-formal training, we were discussing the benefits of EVS, how to plan the project, how to brainstorm, how to communicate locals. We also made a project together in the local city, our goal was to communicate with local people and spread the positivity.  We made to boxes one, full of apples (Latvia is full of apples) and one full of wishes and we were giving pedestrians apples and wishes (wishes were written in Latvia ofc) these five days I spend there with other volunteers were one of the best during my voluntary work.

From September our office work has started, but it was fun as well. First of all, the office was so cool. Walls and ceiling were decorated with graffiti. We had a colorful couch and a football table. This place was a favorite place for youngsters and we had to make it more interesting by planning interesting events and activities. My first project was a Movie night club. We watched movies, ate popcorn and had fun together, it was kind of fun activity to cheer youngsters up after tiring school day. Sometimes I and Nini were collaborating and planning things together. So, at the end of October, we organized a Halloween party with a local school. It was so fun. We made decorations with our own hands.  Youngsters really liked it, and on the annual youth day it was named as the best event planned by our center and I am so proud and happy because of this.

During 6 months we have planned many small projects, such as DIY workshops, painting on jeans, a workshop about social media.  Also, I and Nini were involved in events which were planned by the center, mostly we were dealing with decorating events, which was really fun. Also, we were teaching Georgian language and once Nini made Khachapuri making workshop, the center was full of youngsters. My last and biggest project was a Photo contest, the theme of this contest was the breakfast club (named after the movie, with the same title) my goal was to make youngsters think about something really important, teenager life issues and think, how to visualize their thoughts. After announcing we had a movie night and discussion about key points of the movie. We had an exhibition of the work of finalists and awarding in Jurmala’s museum. All finalists received diplomas and the winner was awarded by Fujifilm Instax mini camera, also we wrote about him in the local newspaper.
You might think that volunteering is only about being in the city you have to do your voluntary work, but no… one of the best parts of volunteering is traveling around in the neighboring countries and inside the country, visiting other volunteers in their cities, meeting new people, having fun and memorable moments.

Salome's hosting organisation is Jūrmala Children and Youth Interest Center

Project supported by Erasmus Plus programm - European Voluntary Service 

Life changing EVS in Italy!

My name is Nino Kurtanidze. EVS gave me an opportunity to live and work in another country in a totally different situation. I were eager to take part in the project because I knew it could give me personal growth, new skills, and different life experience except studying and daily routine. I was volunteer in non-profit organization which hold a country house for educational and environmental activities in Rome suburb-Aniene Valley.
I prepared rooms for the groups and restored area around the structure.I had opportunity of gardening and helping professional cookers in the kitchen to prepare traditional Italian food for for the guests. I did morning yoga, gymnastics, guiding in the nature and some adventurous activities with the scout kids. I helped educators to work with refugee guys.

With the team I planned some programmes and excursions for foreign group. I’ve got workshop of fixing bicycles and took part in the project of Google Trekking. Also I had an exchange with another organization where I worked  in the donkey farm with disabled people. And it was awesome to see how much work they have done to rise plants and make art around the farm. In the project I was free to introduce my ideas and use imagination for personal activities. I did upcycling of old furniture. I managed the page of the organization and wrote articles for the EVS blog. I got chance to be volunteer at festival in another region where I worked in the bar and Italian restaurant where I met amazing spirit of Italian people,volunteers and became the part of their team.
After getting a lot of experience in hospitality I was able to manage activity programmes, budget and groups arrival alone.
Most part of my project was about hosting different groups. Most exciting and beautiful thing I remember is that I felt myself like their family member. That was the sweetest thing while being far away from my home country. We discussed problems and share our thoughts and emotions.
I think all days was particular with the experience. But for sure funny moments was connected to food and coffee in Italy. Before the project I loved to enjoy my life with the big cup of Americano. But after arriving in Italy I figure out my pleasure time was so short with shot of Espresso. Then I found solution to order Cappuccino to make it longer or I just used to drink lot of Espresso like I got headaches :D <3
There is so much to say but to sum up that six month of EVS was exploration of myself, getting my goals and setting new ones, getting and sharing lot of love, having new friends and awesome memories, becoming the part of amazing thing called volunteer world. That project gave me the chance to work and travel together that helped to make difference more and enjoy my stay. At the end motivation is number 1!

Nino was hosted by TAVOLA ROTONDA – IL CASONE 
Coordinating organisation A RUOTA LIBERA ONLUS

Project is funded by Erasmus Plus programm - European Voluntary Service.