29 Feb 2012

Spring is here!

Shame on us for not keeping you updated!
Right now quite a lot of things are going on for us EVS volunteers, and now when the spring is coming everything feels easier and funnier. Right now I would say that we are mostly focusing on Moving gallery, that I hope noone missed. Check it out on facebook - Moving gallery.
Right now we are trying to collect artists, make people aware of the project in different ways so they can visit us. We have been putting up posters, spreading information on the web and making a movie that we hope will be showed on the big screen outside the municipality house of Rustavi city.

Three of us were on the mid-term training for EVS-volunteers, which was held in Tbilisi in the hotel Prestige. It was great with some vacation in a nice hotel and to meet some really nice people. Unfortunately I have no pictures from the training.

Good night, and see you soon again!

28 Feb 2012

Moving Gallery!

A huge project is under work in Rustavi: a team of international volunteers is implementing a big event for the 3rd week of March.
Citizen of Rustavi and around, you are invited and required to take part in this event, as producer of an exhibition, no matter which kind of artistic/ cultural input you offer.
You have ideas? We have opportunity. You have a video? We have a screen. You have pictures? We have eyes. You have a music band? We have a public. You have a Theater group? We have a stage. You have time to offer? We have a space. You have talent? We have interest. This is the Moving Gallery: a confluence of your activity, your exhibitions, your hobby, with our common project!
For one week, from the 22nd March 2012 until the 25th, you are invited to take part in this event, no matter if you are just amateur or professionnal, you are waited in the Moving Gallery.

The Moving Gallery is a free space, open to anyone, free entrance and free topic of exhibition;
You are just required to product works and enjoy the moment in the respect of other artists, of other works, and in the limit of decendy: no incitation to unhealthy behavior or to political conflict. Remember that all of us are responsible of this space and this time, in a way: the good unfolding and the quality of our event lies on our common good willing!

If you have an exhibition to hang, you are invited on March, 22th in the afternoon with nails, strings or whatever you need to hang your exhibition in the Old Theater in Old Rustavi, so that it will be ready for the Opening. Your exhibiton will last during all the Moving Gallery.

If you want to perform (concert, show, video projection...) please fill the questionnary below and send it back before March, 10th!


Moving Gallery / მოძრავი გალერეა