26 Mar 2012

Siusiu- best dog in Rustavi!

In the middle of February we found, on our street, very cute, small puppy... She was all wet and dirty, she was begging for a piece of bread... So we decide very quickly to help her! We took her home, washed and feed. Our boss, Lekso wasn't very happy about keeping her in the flat, so after +/- one month we had to move her somewhere... It was hard for us, and especially for her, because she get used to us and our place. But yeah...
So now, she get her "dog house" in the yard of the scout house in Rustavi, and she seems to be used to that place already... We are buying and bringing food for her, I hope that when we'll leave Georgia, someone else will take care of her, for example future EVS-volunteers in Rustavi, or those who will work or stay in scout house.

Our dream is to find her a new, real home, but in georgian realities, where people don't care about dogs (especially when the dog is not from some special breed!) it can be really hard... If you know someone who love dogs and could take care of her- let us know!


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