23 Aug 2012


Why are so many people in Georgia slapping? Obviously involuntarily and especially at night. At night it is one slap after another. And then one more question, slapping everyone in Georgia or only those who come here just to visit? Perhaps it is in other countries also, maybe it's worse elsewhere, but I currently live here, so I don´t care about other countries. 
I'm trying to work, but I can not. After a while, I feel a bit like a schizophrenic, as is constantly checking. Which is in the final as useless. I'm getting a little nervous and I can´t concentrate. Why? Because those little creatures are a flying everywhere. They drink my blood. And it literally. The worst thing is that it seems to me that made me laugh a bit. Mosquitoes. Flies. Are up devilishly clever. You don´t catch never them. They can make your life a living hell. Are you trying to scare off, but at the same time you are buzzing in the ear and try to tell you that they simply do not have. And you have the slightest moment's inattention from them pimple. They're all with you. And it seems to me that they are much louder than mosquitoes such as Bohemia. 
What does it matter that you have a mosquito net on the window, when in middle of the night some locals wants to talk with you, network give away, and suddenly you can see above my head, his hand with grapes. Take grapes, close the window, do not respond to tapping on the window. Tapping stops. Silence, how beautiful silence. But only until you hear a buzzing in the ear and starts slapping action. Then just wait when it comes reconciliation with the fact that the little beast just do not catch, and in the morning you wake up with pimples. 
Just lucky that I don't have such delicious blood as the others J.
PS: Sorry I can´t offer any photos here, as I wrote these beasts are very fast.

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  1. so right !!! I HATE georgian mousquitos , they are so clever and fast !!! my legs will remember it for a long time !