23 Aug 2012

WTF: Welcome to friendship

During the hottest period of summer, when Rustavi becomes almost empty, came a group from Latvia in order to make a project about youth and friendship. The idea of the project was to think about the ways how to activate youth life in Latvia and Georgia and organize a Youth day in Rustavi. Unfortunately the idea of the project somehow remained on the paper.

As we are also attempting to write and organize our own projects, I found this project very important.  The youth exchange started very well. We got to know each other very easily; tested our ability to work as a group and enjoyed a guitar in our free time. Georgian culture doesn’t need a comment and Latvian food and sweets were excellent. Then through several activities we touched the main topic of our exchange. Activities itself were interesting, but the connection to the project was not always clear. Playing game about stereotypes can make us think in different way, but will not solve the problems with a youth life. Trying to find ways how to get money for youth event without any evaluation and suggestion is not useful for anyone.
The main problem however was the lack of leadership. The leaders often ignored the schedule of their own programme, which lead to annoying waiting. From active participation at the beginning we were slowly falling into passivity.

Although we had a lot of fun, learned more about ourselves, other culture and made new friendships, the youth exchange should offer more to its participants. If someone puts a big effort to preparation, there must be also some concrete result or outcome. Here except nice memories and pictures I can´t see any.

Now, standing ahead of my own project I realise how much responsibility I am going to put on my shoulders...

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