29 Sep 2011

Good bye Marie

Marie was the last volonteer from the "previous generation" to leave Georgia and Rustavi. It's quite empty in the flat now, but in a few days there will be 2 new volonteer's here from Poland. Before Marie left I asked her a few questions for the blog.

What was the best part of your EVS?

Marie: Meeting other volonteers from other countries and live with them.

What was the worse part of your EVS?

Marie: Getting bored sometimes.

In what way do you think you have grown?

Marie: I’m less stressed about things. I have also mastered the skills of breaking and entering through windows when doors are locked.

When do you think your gonna use your new skills and knowledge?

Marie: I don’t when, but I hope it’s gonna be soon.

What are you gonna do when you get back to France?

Marie: I’m gonna eat some fish with butter. I’m also gonna work with my blog exchange project.
And I’m gonna volonteer in a place for concerts.

I want to thank both Marie and Irena for all advices and laughs during our time together here in Georgia. Good luck with everything.


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