31 Jan 2011

New year, new home, new habits

Durring the long holiday we had a lot of time for nice and kalm evenings, amazing travels and wild parties. Some of us visited their friends and relatives, some had their friends and relatives here. That was a great time, but now step by step we are begining anew our jobs and duties.
Yesterday was the big mooving day and now almos all of us can meet in Batumi street 22. Few days and GYE new office will be here as well.
Hopefully soon we will renew our cooking club but we also have a new habit - monie evenings every Friday night starting from 7PM. Each of us will be a DJ, just have to be patient :)

Moment from our EVS family Christmas Eve - nice mixture of 7 different cultures :)

Picture from Tom&Daga
Text by Zane

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