24 Feb 2011

It's so nice that we are cooking together :)

In this year we have had 3 common cooking evenings already. Great company, lots of fun and lots of tasty food.
Year we started with traditional Polish dumplings or "pirogi" filled with cottage cheese + mashed potatoes and cottage cheese + spinach. Ewa and Daga were our "teachers" in dumpling making and it was a great examination of our finger agility. So afterwards we even could make a competition of most beautiful dumpling :)

Result was really tasty!

Next chef was our couch-surfer Ibo from Turkey. He already surprised us once with really delicious chicken meal but for the Cooking Club he prepared "tolmas" - different vegetables filled with meat and rice. So at the end we had filled tomatoes, filled cabbage, filled egg-plants, filled sweet peppers and even filled potatoes (this was an experiment but quite successful)! Result was really healthy and really good!
Ibo in the process :)

But yesterday we made something from French cuisine - quiche Lorraine - a pie made with pastry, eggs, milk, ham and lots of cheese inside and later baked in the oven. Amazing smell and amazing taste! Just too less eaters!

Next week be prepared for lasagne!

P.S. So this is an approval to our families that we are not suffering from hunger at least once a week :)

Text by Zane
Pictures by Zane and Tom

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