19 Apr 2011

The hike we don't talk about

What to do on this beautiful weekend? There are only 5 of us left, one is actually in Turkey and one is busy showing her mother around who came to visit her. So the rest of us, Villi, Irena and me, were wondering where we could go this Saturday. Irena comes up with the idea of hiking to the cross up the hill near Mtskheta, where should be a sect waiting for the end of the world. Sounds interesting enough, and besides, the view from that hill is supposed to be marvellous.

We go to Tbilisi Didube bus station to catch the Marshrutka going to Mtskheta, and at the junction where the minibus leaves the mainroad to head Georgia's former capital, we get off and continue the main road by foot. After the hill with the Jvari church, we turn right and follow a small path through some bushes. We are quite sure that this path leads to the hill with the cross. We even see the cross from far, but we estimate that we can reach it within two hours.

Half an hour later, we find ourselves surrounded by hedges and trees, no path in sight whatsoever, and we are fighting with the mean needles of the bushes. We are fighting our way through this needle monster, going smaller hills up and down, with no cross in sight.

As we reach the top of a bigger hill, we see that the cross hasn't come closer, but now at least we see it from another side. Damn.

Soon, we reach a path what you can almost call a road. Well, compared to the bushes before, it feels like a highway. We meet one local, but this guy is not very talkative and pretends not to know how to get to the cross. Although we really can't believe him, we have no choice. We try one way out, but after a while we see that this is not the good way.

At this moment, we decide that we won't make it to the cross today, and we are going back to the main road to hitch hike to Tbilisi and have lunch at the Racha restaurant in the city center.


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