21 Jun 2012


It's been too long since someone has posted on this, and a lot has happened recently. We have been busy with different things happening lately. Firstly, GYE hosted a youth exchange in the newly built scout centre. Four different groups from Georgia, Estonia, Russia and Poland took part. Siu Siu loved all the attention and food during the youth exchange! The topic of it was "migration", with bird- watching also included. We organised a city game last Saturday, where the participants had to use a map to find different stations and birds around Rustavi, then give a presentation afterwards.

Sadly, we had to say goodbye to Albin and Emelie, who left for Sweden on Wednesday. But, we welcomed lots of new volunteers! Tomas, from Slovakia, will stay for 8 months and, Libuse, from Czech Republic will stay for 1 year. We also have four short- term volunteers from Lithuania staying for 1 month. Their names are Julija, Tomas, Romualdas and Kazimieras.

On Tuesday we went for a picnic with English Conversation Club. We had a really good time swimming and playing different games. Here we all are at Sioni.


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