8 May 2013


Monday, 22 April. It seemed to be like an another normal day. Another calm day in our Rustavi. In one moment everything changed. With the arrival of the French volunteer, cameraman Clément, who came up with the idea to shoot a video for The European Voluntary Service Film Festival organized by the French National Agency. As 2013 is the ‘European Year of Citizens’ young people got opportunity to share their vision of citizenship  and exchange view points on civic engagement.
So, what is your idea about citizenship? What exactly citizenship means for you? From the small play with words volunteers from GYE created  the name of their video: CitizenSHEEP. Bee-e (or me-e)? Now just to find a costume of the sheep, get the main actors, take a couple of shots and create a final video … and our own big georgian contest can start!!!

The competition deadline was set for Monday, 22nd of April, midnight of the Central European Time. On Saturday, when the video was recorded on the internet, nobody believed that we can find more than 700 votes in two days. We tried to make the best, but still it seemed that there is no possibility to overtake Hungarian video which was on the first positon. In about six o'clock this video disappeared   from web pages with unclear reasons. It was the real beginning of the competition!!! Almost all GYE members began bombing their FB contacts with the link of that glorious video:

Dako (22 duben v 22:31)
400 vote yet :) more VOTE PLSSSSS
Liene (22 duben v 22:32)
yeah, already 400 . We need at least 170 votes more. Use all web browswers in your pc for voting. You can give more then one vote by using the same pc. :)

The votes were sent from around the world:
Alberto (22 duben v 23:35)
Voted. Good Luck!! and Regards from Spain.
Di-Yana (23 duben v 0:04)
Good luck from Croatia.... !!!
Tamuna Tsertsvadze (22 duben v 23:41)
This is the most international EVENT I have ever seen ! :))
You deserve to win it guys ! ! !

The georgian dream seemed to be so close, tension started to be in the air:
Liene (23 duben v 0:56)
Is there any limitation how old video can be?
Ekaterine (23 duben v 1:33)
How many votes we need? :)

People didn't stop to send their votes, despite the late hours of the morning:
Madis (23 duben v 1:29)
Past 700 votes, its amazing :D

And in the end we were so close that … :
Tamuna (23 duben v 1:52)
We are leading !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Laura (23 duben v 2:04)
We won
Thank you soooo much....
Who can sleep after this??? heheheheheh

813 votes!!!! Only 14 votes ahead of the video, which appeared to be the favorite until the last moment! All this votes helped us to won the price of the Internet Aware Award - camera in the value of 250 € - and our movie will be screened in the European meeting “Video and Youth project : the Big Picture” in Montreuil (Paris), France.

Many thanks to all who shared, voted ... or just silently prayed. Our CitizenSHEEP drank for you on our afterparty!!!!!!

Here is the link for the video with english subtitles! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WqsB00WR1OU&feature=youtu.be

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