16 Apr 2015

Salo Bye Bye :'( Keti welcome party :)

Few months ago our beloved EVS coordinator Salome decided to leave GYE and move on with her life. We, volunteers, were happy for her since she will probably get an awesome job as a tour guide but on the other hand we would miss her a lot since she was “our coordinator, our friend, mother and sometimes a daughter (Armonaityte, 2015)”. Luckily for us, Alex made a reasonable choice and picked an amazing new EVS coordinator for us – Kety. Since farewells and welcomes are always a good opportunity for celebrations, we decided to celebrate in a Georgian style and all together. The original idea – to have a classic supra - eat and drink until you puke, was nice enough, but when Gigi came with an invitation into his house in Sagarejo, it was abandoned immediately. Idea of spending a night in Georgian village with all our friends, some sashlik and nice vine was so exciting for us that the whole organization met on Sunday, 29th of March and moved to a nice village of Sagarejo, about 40 minutes of marshrutka ride from Rustavi.

Weather did not allow us to discover all the beauties of Tochliauri but the day was saved by Rosto who prepared the fireplace and Lembit who brought Scrable. After few hours of intensive preparation our main cooks – Achiko, Vaxo, Alex and Vato finished the dinner and all of us together could finally enjoy a proper Georgian supra starting with amazing cheese and bread, continuing with chicken cooked and chicken baked, sashlik and ending with traditional horn drinking. After heartbreaking toasts delivered by our toastmaster Achiko teambuilding and fun continued till the late night.

I have to say, that meeting such a nice people at such a nice place while enjoying an awesome food was a very pleasant experience for me and I believe that for all volunteers and staff as well. GYE proved once again that in contrary to other associations, it is not just an organization but a small family and people involved are not just colleagues but good friends. 

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