20 Dec 2017

Lea, French EVS Volunteer

By Lea Senoville

Having wonderful memories of my Erasmus spent in Lithuania, I wanted to renew this experience with EVS. I was looking for experience with young public, by browsing the various projects on the Europe site, GYE attracted my interest. And Georgia allowed me to get out of my comfort zone to face new challenges. Monday October 2, 2017, I arrived at the airport of Tbilisi. After taking my luggage on the carpet, I look for my name that will be written on an A4 sheet ... I finally discovered this sign held by a girl who seems to be the same age as me: my coordinator, Nana! The adventure begins. During the first weeks I take my marks in the city of Rustavi where I will live for a year. What luck, we have shops just minutes from the house and GYE is in the building next to ours. I try to adapt to the functioning of the association, the clubs that we must animate. As during each adaptation time, I feel very tired. At the end of a month, I realize that something is missing in my daily life to feel in an optimal form. Not really knowing the surroundings, I do not often run while I love it but the urban planning of the city is not very excited for a pleasant sport session. I decide to go looking for a pool. And I found it. We have a lot of time. Free time that I need to fill. That's why I decided to take online courses to keep an intellectual activity. This is a good point to think about his post EVS project. The difference of language is still very present, despite our weekly Georgian lessons. They are enough to go to shop our groceries and ask for information but not enough to hold a real conversation. The atmosphere with the other volunteers is friendly. We plan to travel, discover a place in Georgia or somewhere else every weekend. Traveling is cheap because we do a lot of hitchhiking; which sometimes gives us great surprises.

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