16 Jan 2018

Winter Holidays

Welcome to my holiday life haha.
Now is January, thats means Happy New year to everyone ! I wish you all the best.
I had 3 weeks holiday here in Georgia, I don't wanted to go back to  France because I just have one and half month left and I wanted to see Christmas in Georgia !
So my first week of holidays  I went to the cinema with my Friend . We watched the last "Star wars"  movie and it was cool! After that I make Christmas on the 24th December ( The original for me  ) with friends, we made buffet with lot of foods, we talked, listened to the  music etc!
It's was very great!
Next days I went 2 days in Kutaisi alone.  It's was my first trip alone haha but I survived! Actually I'm not specially fan about Kutaisi but it's was cool to be alone, because you can make what you want but I feel alone in the restaurant so I don't like for this part !
After that we organized Christmas/New Year  party  in the office, it  was very cool ! We have a lot of foods, drink and we danced a lot ! I really appreciate to dance with everyone ! Even I was tired for dance, next to me they were one or two person who telling  me " Come dance Jessica " or „ჯული“ because now I have a Georgian name by the youngster in the association haha ( I like it ! )
Than we had the official holiday in Georgia so I make New year with 3 Georgians I know just one of them because he is my Friend, haha but was really cool because I went to Mtatsminda Park in Tbilisi and I see all of the City in the night and I was very happy ! We drink until 4 a.m. and come back to Rustavi at 5 a.m.  
Upcoming days I haven’t  done  lot of things because I was really tired After new year so I just went again to the cinema to  see “The Greatest Showman” and I recommend it if you like Musical movie ! It's very great !
After I make again Christmas with other volunteer from Tbilisi and Friend! And the last weekend we went to Borjomi, we went  to the Bath ! Take a train for Bakuriani and was great I finally see the snow haha but I was freezing haha !
Soon will be February, what’s mean that I have one more month here ! And my birthday (28th February haha ) so I will enjoy the rest of my time here !
See you for the last part of my life here !
Bye bye !

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