28 Nov 2010

Cleaning action and shashlik party

On Saturday 27th November at 2 pm we met with our Georgian friends and 2 special guests from Switzerland in front of Rustavi's city hall to start our second cleaning action. The Swiss guys are travelers on the way to China. We divided into 2 teams and cleaned along the main road until we reached New-Rustavi. The common outfit (Environment Team T-shirts and doctor's gloves) fulfilled its task because most people were looking at us and some of them left some comments (we even got one „big thank you“ from one guy).

 After nearly 2 hours of cleaning, we felt pretty hungry, so we went to bazar and bought pork meat for shashlik.
We gathered in the volunteers' house and began with the preparation of the dinner (shashlik, potatoes and salad). The barbecue took place in their garden, and we were overwhelmed of the fact we are having barbecue in the end of November. After this delicious food and Marie's perfectly prepared French pancakes („Crèpes“), we got the party started with some very nice dancing and drinking activities :)
Written by Joe
 Pictures by Irena

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