10 Nov 2010

Trip to Signari (6.11.10.)

We left Rustavi around 11am and we arrived around 12.30 but first we visited one women's monastery. Then we went in "Holy Spring" part. Going down the hill was the easy part. At the bottom we could drink some holy water and also get a bath, and that would make us pregnant. Tomasz wanted to try, but out of respect for the orthodox religion we decided to climb up back to the monastery. Easy for the others, quite hard for me, but in the end we all managed with some red chicks.
 As we were all hungry we decided to eat in that 'refectory' called "Pilgrim". Not only was it cold, but they took an enormous amount of time to bring us our rhinkalis and katchapuris (in all the other restaurants we went to, it was pretty quick). In that great summer day, it was the least enjoyable part. And since they brought us some 30 more rhinkalis just when we were all full, we decided to take them home in a plastic bag (it is allowed and common in Georgia).
Then we took the marchroutka to go to Signari: the center of the town has been rebuilt entirely, and after getting used to Rustavi and other Georgian architecture, it definitely didn't feel like Georgia. More like mediterranean Europe.
We climbed (again) on the top of a small church, and from there we had an amplified view of the mountains, eternal snow on top of them. Afterwards, we went down some road were we had a perfect background for our group pictures : some chinese style wall on one side, the valley full of fields and some lakes and mountains above. I had for my part a great feeling of quietude, that I hadn't felt in a long time. Georgia must be incredibly beautiful under the snow!
Written by Liene
Pictures by Marie, Daga&Tom 

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