16 May 2011

European Youth Parlement - Rustavi 1st regional session

This first regional session was held on the 7-9th may week-end. 
I was glad to be a part of it as the only 'european union child' !
So what is this exactly? 

EYP sessions, whether they are regional or national, are runned in every european country (and not only european union as you can see).
The main goal is to have a 'get together' of young, interested, motivated and very active people, to think and produce a resolution (enounced problems with solutions) about one given topic (related to georgia and europe as we were in regional session) - so that we can increase our knowledge, understanding and activeness (if that is even a word?), and make new friends of course.
We had a lot of non formal games (even just games) to increase our team-building and sense of competition. And in the end, we didn't sleep much but we had the best time.
All of it, was of course going on in english. Lucky for me, we went to Rustaveli cinema for a one hour movie (georgian/russian) and also the closing ceremony (the most formal part of it all) was in georgian language.

I got myself included in the DEVE (for development) committee, thinking and discussing very actively about the following given topic : 
How can Georgian youth be encouraged to increase opportunities for civic activism among other youth in their respective communities and especially in regions? What kind of experience should we share from developed European Societies about youth involvement in civil society and regional development?

The DEVE committee was composed of girls only, aged 14-22 (errr, that's me again!). I am also glad to announce that we did a very good job, having our resolution passed with the most 'in favor' votes.
As for me, I got to learn a lot as well about georgian youth (which is kind of essential when you are a volunteer in an organisation called "georgian youth for europe" ;-) ). 
The most interesting part was to my opinion, that we would freely share our opinions, but always in a respectful environment. Some things I didn't understand how it works exactly, during the general assembly for example, and the thing I regret a little is that our resolution will just stay as it is now. Maybe I should have a look over, see if we can make some things happen for real!

They say that after one session you become more or less heavily addicted. I sure did!

Written by Mary. Pics by Sophie.

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