23 May 2011

Getting away from Rustavi

After some weeks at home, we totally had to get away from Rustavi. That's why we decided to go for a camp in the forest near the cemetary in Tbilisi. At 11 o'clock, we met in front of the city hall and waited with Illo and Awto for the rented marshrutka.
In the early afternoon, we reached the place, tired of carrying the heavy tents and other camp stuff up the hill. The fact that is was raining quite a lot didn't make it more easy to build the tents. And as if somebody was making fun of us, it stopped raining as soon as we finished the work.
But nevertheless, our mood stayed good and we started to chill and have a small supra with Nikka's good home-made wine and some Georgian food. As a dessert, we smoked some tasty shisha.
Full and happy, we moved to the fire place and drank some of Awto's gorgeous self-made cognac.
For me, this was the time for a nap, and I was on stand-by for some hours. When I woke up again, we made shashlik followed by another nap. The next time I woke up, it was already quite late and we spent a nice evening together around the fire with many jokes and a great atmosphere.

The next morning, after a so-so night outside, I wake up next to Villi, and Nikka is joining us to prepare breakfast consisting of delicious Thai-noodles from the package. Ori, who couldn't succeed in gathering our interest in her feelings the other night, didn't know if she should be angry at us or not. She decided that there was no point and tried to re-gain Cristy as a friend, which ended up Ori chasing Cristy through the forest.
We spent the day chilling in the forest and eating the rest of our food. In the evening, the marshrutka came to pick us up.
All in all it was a short but sweet camp, and most of us would have liked to stay longer.


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