22 Jul 2011

Anaklia 2011 - first international camp

Ireka Spirka and Mary Shperi came back yesterday from the international camp "Patrioti" organised by the georgian governement, located on the shore of Black Sea near the city of Anaklia.

Other than being very tired, we are coming back with mixed feelings, but we for sure going to miss our (new) friends from Latvia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Tchetchenia, Ukraine, Georgia, ...

The way to Anaklia was quite long and hot, in those old yellow city buses, and when we arrived it was raining. We discovered that the camp is the middle of a big sand area, but we didn't have the right to go out anyway. We were all put in different rooms to encourage intercultural learning! After a few understanding problems, we finally enjoyed sleeping together! ;-) 
Then we saw that there are 4 toilets per house, with only one door (that you can't lock). Same for shower. After some 'shame' we ended up not caring. There's no point is judging when everybody's equal!
We ended up having big stomach-aches, but also because of too salty food with too much bread and not enough vegetables. Which for a camp named "healthy lifestyle" was quite surprising but after all everything was free!

We soon enjoyed swimming in the black sea (quite dirty color though you go out being yellow!) and taking sunbathes. Now we have a perfect tan! Some games activities were organised everyday. Mary's group (mesame) won the Brain Game, and Irka ended up in table tennis semi-finals (group meotre).

We also took a bicycle trip to the Abhazian border (but only Irka, not enough bikes for the rest of people!), to Zugdidi (Dadiani Palace Museum) and to Batumi (very tiring city game!).

When came back with an even longer ride - 10 hours because of many stops and also because of THE camp song, which is quite awful in itself, but even more after hearing it everyday for 10 days!!! Remember sharing is caring, so please join the Pinguin's dance!!

For now, Irka is attending a polish wedding in polish embassy (Tbilisi), Yoann Albin and Emelie are attending their on-arrival training in Tbilisi as well. And on 25th of July we will welcome ex-EVS Daga, Joe and Kalina for the youth exchange they prepared. They should meet Mary at the airport who is going to France and Germany for different volunteering activities.
Quite a busy summer for EVSs so stay tuned!!! (also for some pictures of the camp)

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