5 Jul 2011

Come to visit

Beautiful day, but for European people too hot. Still volunteers cannot use to Georgian climate;) but how our Georgian friends said „will be worse in August;)” . So stop complaining and go somewhere!!!!

One of my favorite places in Tbilisi, Dry Bridge and bazar!

Because Cristinas birthday was approaching so fast, I hit on an idea: buying our favorite homemade wine, some small gift and go to Cristy!!!! Now she lives in hostel in Tbilisi, and there is great place for meetings and parties...big balcony with hammock;)! And amazing view for old part of Tbilisi, president palace and Sameba church!!!!
Firstly, we visited one of our favorite places in Tbilisi, Dry Bridge with cool bazar, where you can buy everything, really everything!!!! yess, it's perfect place to spend all your pocket money;)
We bought small bracelet, quite a lot of wine and we were walking to Cristinas place. And then we were enjoying the evening!

                               Avtushka Pietrushka                                                                   Ilo Shpilo

It was nice to see also our Georgian friends: Ilo Shpilo and Avtushka Pietrushka, a bit tired after summer camps;) But like alweys in good mood;)!!!! I hope that new members of our EVS family (Emelie and Albin) also enjoyed this time!!!

                                   Cristy and Me                                                                  Albin and Emelie

And one more time the best wishes for Cristy!!!!

"Cristy is your birthday, Happy birthday Cristy";D  

Irka Shmirka

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