12 Nov 2013

Levan in Latvia - story of my EVS

So it’s finished, my nine month project in Latvia. Country of beautiful nature and amazing sky. It wasn't always so easy to be amazed about country and people, but time made me understand its culture, habits and traditions. Now it feels like I am home, another home which is far from real one. It is so strange how my life changed last nine months, I learned how to live with less, how to communicate with people better, traveled more than I expected and meet interesting people.
My EVS project started in October 2012, for the first time it was quite hard to feel cozy in Latvia, without speaking language, understanding people and more weird was understanding the weather which was quite strange for me. It didn't take much time to start to communicate with youngsters who were coming to youth center, and now after nine months I feel that they are my friends. Every time I went somewhere for longer time and came back they were the ones who were asking: Levan where have you been so long?

My main activity to youth center was making video workshop, and teach how to make good quality video. It was quite interesting for starting, we were making short videos on almost every second class and also in the end we tried to make silent film, which might be considered biggest challenge of my EVS. Yes, I guess there is not bigger challenge more than working and filming outside for hours in – 15 or even less.

My planned kind of sport activities such as tennis and table games competitions, and also cooking workshops were quite famous between kids. Every Monday and Thursday I was seeing children motivated faces, and in their eyes I could read one thing, they all want to be winners and champions. I guess it was good start for them to motivate themselves that they have to be winners, and all life is fight for success. So, I’m finishing my project and I have to fight for my own success.
It feels like starting from zero, after nine months of being cast away from rest of the world I have to go back to normal life, to my family, friends.  I guess the experiences which I gained from my EVS project, will be useful, especially language skills, but I feel like it’s not the end. Everything starts right now! 

Levan Jugheli

Duration of EVS service 01/10/2012 – 30/06/2013
Hosting organisation: Alūksnes Bērnu un jauniešu centrs (www.abjc.lv)
Sending organisation: Association "Georgian Youth For Europe" (www.gye.ge)
Project was supported by Latvian National Agency of Youth in Action programm

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