11 Nov 2016

Sweet & Sour October in Georgia

                After my first hour spent in Georgia I asked myself one question “Sylwia! What the hell are you doing?” Listening to Polish disco-polo and sitting in a car with a crazy driver were  my first signs of a complete state of confusion that I have never experienced before…  but that was just  the beginning.

Wonderful Tbilisi

GYE Photography Club.
Photo credit: Eliise Tiidussalu

  The 7th of November. One month passed and apparently I am still confused. Georgia has welcomed me with a tangle of excitement and helplessness. I am sure about one thing – I will never consider Georgia as a featureless country.  Crazy drivers, pomegranates trees, cows on the roads and these smiling and helpful people everywhere. I did not expect that  a Georgian traditional toast would make me cry. It did. That was my second day in Rustavi. All volunteers were invited to pick grapes from which the best Georgian wine is made of. Two hours of intensive work and then we sat together and then started my first supra. Khachapuri and Khinkali on the table and of course wine.  This specific order of toast is unique and its meaning is unforgettable. Appreciation of family, friends, our countries and every little thing is the beautiful reminder that we’re rich people and we should be grateful for this wealth in each moment of our lives.
  These sweet  memories from my first supra made be the biggest fan of this Georgian tradition. I hope that this is only the sweet beginning of my Georgian experience.  I can’t wait for more, but….  If only all of my Georgian impressions could have been so sweet….  Before my arrival to Georgia I had heard many stereotypes but I would rather use the word opinion about Georgian mentality. Thus far  I always try not to be a judgemental person so I said to myself that I just need to experience all of it on my cost.  It turned out that some of the rumours I have heard appear to be true. It seems that Georgia is running in completely different time zone than the rest of the world. No one is in hurry, everything can wait. Even, a deadline is like not a deadline. At first, it made me extremely frustrated. I wanted everything to move forward but I could not such a pace where people are always busy. Now, I have to admit – I do appreciate that. Thank you Georgians  for making me sit down, relax and think about matters that are essential in my life.  When I try to sum up this whole month in my memory I can see so many contradictions –my  lost wallet, broken leg and all of these little obstacles made me even stronger and more motivated to give my energy and effort, here in Georgia.

Polish banana in Rustavi
made by Eliise

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Georgian-Armenian border

There is no better place to celebrate birthday than Youth Room
by Eliise

International evening. A little bit about Estonia
Eliise in action! :) 

An attempt to pronounce Polish tongue-twisters
Sylwia in action :) 

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a mess in EVSflat (Pierogi in progress)
by Eliise

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