3 Apr 2018

On-Arrival Training

Aga and Mariusz Polish Long Term EVS volunteers. "Meeting new people, with whom you have many things in common. Attending a dozen of lectures, sessions and activities where you gain new knowledge which helps you in many aspects of your life. Going out of place where you live for couple of days. Conversation with people you want to meet again in remote places in Caucasus. Georgian supra and folk dance… All that stuff in 5 days and only during On Arrival Training in Misaktsieli. Two brave and hungry of knowledge volunteers (Aga and Mariusz) from GYE in Rustavi had a pleasure to experience that all. 

Fourteen newly come volunteers from different European countries and their trainers have come to meet each other for and intense training for EVS volunteers in Caucasus Region. International community was represented by young people come from countries: Poland, Latvia, France, Italy, Spain, Greece, United Kingdom, Luxembourg. This variety made the atmosphere kind of special because of different attitudes, experiences and also duties performer by volunteers on EVS program. Activities and training lessons were useful and full of new knowledge which helps to improve personal skills and also volunteer’s work. Talking to other participants and also integration with them gave us new perspectives for our work in GYE and also brought us closer to quite new reality for some of us.
 Despite our schedule was tight, organisators found time for factors which made this training special according to getting to know Caucasus culture much better. I think all Georgians and people who have been already participating in this special event, will agree with me that Supra is a big part of culture captained in one evening spent with friends who are close to our hearts. For many of us it was an unique occasion to see and also be a part of this amazing event and admire traditional Mtiuluri /Georgian dance. Breathtaking and sometimes scary looking moments (saber fight)  impressed the audience the most. It is also obligatory to mention Georgian delicious food. Table was full like never before" ;)